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Andrew Lipman

Andrew Lipman is committed, caring and compassionate practitioner with over 25 years of experience in private practice in a profession that he loves. A desire to help people led him into his field with a predominant focus on musculoskeletal, spinal and sports injuries encompassing various treatment modalities that he has added to his repertoire over years of study.

His great passion is in helping patients that include Children, Teenagers, Adults, Athletes and Families to recover their health, vigor and being active pain-free individuals. He believes in patient-focused treatments that support the most efficient outcome in pain reduction and functional amelioration knowing that no single approach is right for everyone. He continues a family tradition in the Health and Wellness industry shared with his father and brothers.

He is a husband and family man, Health and Wellness speaker, Pet lover, Sportscar racer, enthusiast and club member, He has an interest in the Fitness industry and is a previous Gym owner, Supporter of athletes, weightlifters, gym enthusiasts, downhill mountain bike racers.

He believes in being kind and living life to the fullest and fittest.

25 years experience successfully providing professional treatment for patients of all ages.

Waverley Back and
Sports Care

Dedicated and passionate about helping you achieve a state of physical well being.

Why Choose Us?

  • Massage
    Invest in your health we provide Massage sessions to balance and restore your body with back care, pain management, stress relief, relaxation and injury recovery. The very best back care customised to your specific individual care needs.
  • Therapy
    Your health and mobility is important to you and to us. We provide specialised therapy sessions for injuries, headaches, mobility, expectant mothers, postural issues for all ages, circulation problems and more to invigorate, repair, correct bad habits, to help with pain relief.
  • Exercise
    Pumping iron to sculpt your biceps. Yoga poses to stretch and relax. Running to whittle your waistline and get fit fast. There are loads of reasons why it’s smart to exercise, and most of us are familiar with the menu of options and how each can shape and benefit your body. We offer tailored exercise advice and therapeutic treatments to keep you going through times of injury and fatigue.
  • Back Care
    Looking after your back is necessary for preserving great posture as well as overall wellness. Below are some pointers for dealing with your back: Exercise great position: Make certain to sit up straight as well as maintain your feet flat on the ground when resting. Prevent slouching or leaning onward for long periods of time. Use appropriate training strategies: When raising heavy items, ensure to flex at the knees as well as lift with your legs, not your back. Stay clear of turning your body while lifting. Remain energetic: Regular exercise can aid strengthen your back muscle mass and improve your total flexibility. Take breaks: If you sit or stand for extended periods of time, make certain to take regular breaks to stretch and walk around. Obtain sufficient sleep: Ample sleep is important for keeping great back health and wellness. Ensure to get at least 7-9 hrs of rest per night. Preserve a healthy weight: Being obese can place extra strain on your back muscles and joints. Preserving a healthy weight via diet plan and also workout can help in reducing the risk of neck and back pain. By adhering to these suggestions, you can aid secure your back and also preserve great back wellness. It is essential to consult a medical care expert for further examination as well as treatment if you are experiencing persistent back discomfort.
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