Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique helps Bear Grylls to stay fit and healthy

Amazing fitness is required to live a lifestyle similar to Bear Grylls, an adventurer, and TV host best known for Man vs Wild or Born Survivor.

He might take to the skies, dive into freezing water, trek across deserts and mountains, or parachute into dangerous terrains like trees, glaciers, and sand during his outdoor adventures.

Bear suffered a broken back from parachuting accidents ten years ago. He also has past injuries and pains. Bear must be fully fit to take on extreme temperatures and to continue his adventures. Shara, his wife, started seeing Sarah Yearsley Bowen therapist for her back problems a while ago. Now Bear sees Bowen Technique sessions as part of his recovery and preparation.

The Bowen Technique releases energy and sends impulses to the brain to activate the body’s healing system.

Bear states that Bowen helped to keep my body together, despite all the beating it gets.¬†It’s vital to support in putting back a whole array of new aches, pains, making certain that old injuries don‚Äôt cause me problems, as well as helping me combat stress and fatigue.

Sarah, his therapist, says: “Bear is a perfect example of the incredible versatility of Bowen.¬†It relieves his pain, boosts his immune system, and reduces fatigue.¬†Although he’s not a typical patient, most of his issues are similar to those I treat in patients with normal lifestyles.

Bowen Technique uses gentle movements of the thumbs and fingers to move the muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues.¬†This process releases energy and sends impulses to your brain to activate the body’s healing system.¬†It is believed to be especially effective in correcting muscular or skeletal imbalances.¬†Practitioners usually work through clothing and make light movements.

Bear Grylls, a survival expert, says that the Bowen technique keeps him healthy and reduces stress. To increase blood circulation and lymph, mobility and release blocked energy.

It was founded in 1996 by Tom Bowen (1916-1982). This holistic treatment focuses on the whole body.¬†It may seem strange that the practitioner leaves the room at the end of each movement, but this is necessary to allow the body’s healing process to begin.¬†Bowen asks the body to recognize and make the necessary changes, instead of making it change’.


Bowen Technique is a holistic body treatment that targets the soft connective tissue (fascia). Bowen therapy can treat musculoskeletal and related neurological problems, including acute sports injuries as well as chronic or organic conditions. It is gentle, relaxing, and does not require forceful manipulation.

Bowen Technique can be used on both the superficial and deeper fascia. Facia, also known as soft tissue, is the portion of connective tissue that influences, separates and envelops every organ and tissue.

The Bowen Technique is safe for everyone, including babies and the elderly. It can also be used to treat any neuromuscular or musculoskeletal problem. This holistic treatment focuses on the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Bowen procedure

Bowen treatments are a series of small movements at different pressures that each target a specific area of the body. The Bowen treatment is gentle and non-forceful. Therapists only use light cross-fiber maneuvers to move muscle, tendon, or ligament.

The treatment typically takes between 30 and 1 hour. The treatment can be done with a thin layer of clothing. However, you might be asked to take off heavy or bulky clothes. The therapist may leave the room during this time for up to five minutes. This gives your body time to adjust to the treatment and allows for any necessary changes in your body before you begin the next sequence.

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