Massage tools and equipment

Massage tools and equipment

Sometimes, these Massage tools and equipment are used in massages. Some tools can be used by an individual, while others are intended formassage tools and equipment the therapist.

Massage tables and massage chairs

Specialized massage chairs and tables are used to place recipients during massages. The typical commercial massage table is made of a hard-wearing, padded surface and horseshoe-shaped support for the head. It can be portable or stationary and allows clients to breathe while lying down. Home versions, on the other hand, are lighter and foldable. To correct the body’s position, an orthopedic pillow or bolster may be used.

Ergonomic chairs have a similar function to a massage table. You can choose to have your chair either portable or stationary. Chair massages are more portable than tables and require that the recipient does not have to take off their clothes to get a massage. These two factors make chair massage more popular in public places such as shopping malls, outdoor festivals, corporate offices, and other public spaces.

Warm-water therapy pools

Temperature-controlled warm-water therapy pools massage tools and equipment are used to perform aquatic bodywork. For example, Watsu requires a warm-water therapy pool that is approximately chest-deep (depending on the height of the therapist) and temperature-controlled to about 35 deg C (95 degF).

Tables for dry-water massage

Dry-water massage tables use water jets to massage the client’s muscles. The client is usually left dry at these tables, which are different from Vichy showers. There are two types of Vichy showers: one that uses warm water to spray the client and another where the client is placed on a mattress-like waterbed. For a small fee, the first type can be found in shopping malls.

Showers in Vichy

Vichy showers are a type of hydrotherapy. They use a series of shower nozzles to spray large amounts of water over clients while they lie on a shallow, wet bed. This is similar to a massage table but with drainage. The temperature, direction, and height of the nozzles can be altered to meet client needs.

Cremes, lotions and gels.

Creme massage at Lappeenranta in Finland in 1967

There are many types of massage oils, lotions, and creams that can be used to moisturize and lubricate the skin.

Massage tools

Sometimes, these instruments and devices are used in massages. Some tools can be used by an individual, while others are intended for the therapist.

Massage therapists use various tools

Instrument-assisted soft tissue massage can use stainless-steel massage tools and equipment to manipulate the tissue in a way that complements hands-on work.

A body rock is a tool with a serpentine shape, typically made from stone. It can be used to increase strength or focus pressure in certain areas. You can apply it directly to the skin using a lubricant like oil or corn starch, or over the clothing.

Other common tools include rosewood and bamboo tools. These tools are derived from southeast Asia, Thailand and Cambodia. Some may be heated, oiled or wrapped in cloth.

Cupping Massage can be done with plastic cups and a hand pump to create a vacuum. The vacuum pulls the soft tissue perpendicularly to the skin. It provides a tensile strength that can be used for massage or left at one location.

Both individuals and masseuses use the same tools

There are many battery-operated handheld massaging and vibrating massage tools and equipment, including those that can be used to massage the scalp after a haircut.

There are many sizes and options for vibrating massage pads, with some even heating.

A home massage can be done in a vibrating massage chair.

Sometimes, these Massage tools and equipment are used in massages. Some tools can be used by an individual, while others are intended for the therapist.


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